ecoms building materials that pursue the possibilities of aluminum

From one-and-only structural materials to finishing materials with an edge effect,
ecoms offers products with a high level of originality.

Building Components & Louvers

Building Components & Louvers

In 2002, the Building Standards Law was revised and aluminum was officially certified as building structural material. Following this, ecoms Hall became the first approved aluminum structure in Japan.
Since then, ecoms has conducted research and development in aluminum construction to offer building materials that leverage the features of extruded materials.

Building & Structural Material

Using aluminum extrusion materials, we constructed an original building system to develop basic modules.

Aluminum panels that are both refined and tough
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The lattice panel is a 1,200 mm x 1,200 mm panel that can be used as structural material. This panel is made by slicing an X-type aluminum extrusion material and joining them together to create layers, using a method called interlocking. The panel thickness can be modified by changing the lengths of the extruded material, so it is also possible to adjust the load capacity this way. The panel is characterized by a strength durable enough to be used as structural material, combined with an ethereality from the light that passes through the lattices.

  • Reinforcement frame
    for the inner wall opening
  • Cross-shaped material
  • T-shaped material
  • Lattice material
  • Lattice material
    end sections


ecoms' louvers extract the simplistic beauty of aluminum to the maximum.
We also conduct the research and development of electric louvers.

Louver 15100/15150

Louver F140


ecoms' spandrels are unpainted to incorporate the true texture of aluminum.
The spandrels are compatible with lighting that infuses rhythm and regularity to the space.