Rust resistant aluminum can also be installed outdoors

We supply aluminum unit components that are lightweight and reduce the construction period.

Roof (Bicycle Park)

Roof (Bicycle Park)


A structure that is also aesthetically appealing
to achieve a logical design

Aluminum is also suitable as roofing material due to its superior weather and corrosion resistance.
We not only supply individual components, but can unitize the lightweight and standardized aluminum parts at the factory before delivery to the site. This contributes to the reduction of the construction period.
We optimize proposals to address our clients needs, design specifications, and conditions based on previous achievements such as bicycle parks, connecting walkways at schools, roofs for station platforms, and piers.

Short construction period

  • We assemble the factory-constructed units onsite; this ensures smooth execution of delivery and construction even at project sites with poor conditions.

Usage of aluminum structural material with superior corrosion resistance

  • Aluminum barely rusts nor loses its aesthetic appearance. In addition, cleaning is easy, allowing for reduced running costs.
  • Aluminum is a recyclable, eco-friendly material.
  • By using the aesthetically-beautiful aluminum, the structural material doubles as the finishing material and makes logical design possible.

Standard parts that balance workability and design

  • We supply the standardized parts based on previous achievements. These not only simplify onsite installation work but also achieve a logical and beautiful finish.

New proposals that adhere to construction conditions

  • ecoms offers full support by using our unique expertise in maximizing the merits of aluminum parts, even for cases with difficult safety and installation conditions, such as public spaces used by the general public, narrow spaces, and coastal areas, etc.