Fresh air, deep breath.

We aim to build a city where everyone can breathe freely by separating and protecting both smokers and non-smokers.

ecoms' smoking booth is a product that will transform the smoking scene.


No. 1Highway installation rate

An aluminum body lightweight but tough. A smoking booth with a short construction period that clears stringent conditions.

To date, ecoms has supplied numerous smoking booths to public spaces that demand security, safety, speed, and reliability such as highways, train stations, universities, and city halls.
ecoms is selected for the reliability of its products.
ecoms' smoking booths are guaranteed by their many achievements.

A single day. The industry marvels at ecoms' short construction period

ecoms' smoking booths are assembled in advance at the company's factory. The unitized booths are then transported by truck to the site. Onsite the booths are merely unloaded from the truck and affixed to the ground with anchor bolts. Therefore, construction can be completed as quickly as in a single day. Aluminum structural materials are light and can be carried manually. Heavy equipment and fire is not necessary as the joints are fused with bolts. The construction can safely proceed without having to close the facility.

* For the Cube 2 type

Reliable and safe product design

At ecoms, we design products that take various factors into consideration such as wind pressure resistance, seismic force, and snowfall quantity so that they can be used safely in public spaces accessible by numerous people. We provide products that comply with the Building Standards Law. The high-quality booths produced at the well-managed factory are made of rust-resistant aluminum material and can stay beautiful for a very long time. The product can be used hygienically and comfortably forever.

High specifications but economical

ecoms has engaged in the research and development of outdoor smoking booths far longer than other companies. In the pursuit of safety and convenience, we succeeded in reducing costs through domestic mass production. We have been able to minimize the production costs of each building. The specifications are of the highest level despite our reduced prices. From proposal to maintenance, ecoms will reliably support all processes from start to finish, and continue to provide high-quality products.