Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What are the conditions of the installation site, the size of the booth, and max occupancy?
Please view the width (W) x depth (D) x ceiling height (CH) of each product in the product lineup and select the booth size that best suits the expected occupancy.
Q2How long should we expect from preparation to installation? How long will it take between order placement and delivery?
After product selection, the preparation and application period lasts about 25 to 35 days if an application for confirmation is required. If the contract is simultaneously completed, it will take 35 working days from production to delivery. Construction begins following the issuance of the confirmation certificate and onsite construction takes one day minimum. Thus approximately three months is required between product selection to delivery.
Q3Do I need an application for construction confirmation?
If the planned site is outside the fire protection zone or quasi-fire protection zone and the total floor area of the planned extension (including the smoking booth) is within 10 m2, the application for confirmation is not necessary. For all other cases, the application for construction confirmation is required.
Q4How do I arrange meetings to decide specifications and schedules?
After selecting the potential installation site, please fill out the "meeting request form" and contact us by e-mail, fax, or post.
Q5 Is it possible to customize the order, such as make changes to the design?
Modifications are possible after initial meetings with our company. We may provide a separate quote depending on the extent of the changes.
Q6 What is the order format? Can I order through local contractors?
You may place your order through a local or affiliated contractor.
Please select a contractor to manage the foundation and earth works.
Q7 How is the product delivered?
Deliveries are handled using a vehicle weighing over 4 tons (approximately 9 meters long).
Please confirm compliance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act regarding road width and overhead clearance for the delivery route.