Purchase Process

PlanningConsider specifications

Please send us your requests using the consultation form.
We will propose a smoking booth optimal for your needs.

Key planning points

  • Location

    Size of installation site

    Surrounding environment, layout, occupancy

    User journey

    Users' approach routes
    Variance in journey with non-smokers

  • Design

    Landscape design

    Harmony with the surrounding environment

    Access duration

    Access time by users

  • Functionality

    Tobacco smoke zoning

    Degree of separation between smokers/non

    Installation conditions

    Drillable depth
    Underground electric service route
    Unevenness of the installation site and floor finishes

Decide specificationsApplication for confirmation

Regarding the need for the application for confirmation

Please verify whether a construction confirmation is necessary.

If the planned site is outside of the fire protection zone or quasi-fire protection zone and the total floor area of the relevant section is within 10m2, the application for confirmation is not necessary.


About the contract

A. Customer (owner)
B. Principal contractor
The contract will be structured as one of the above types.

Production time

Booth only
Shipped after 35 working days
Booth + options
Shipped after 45 working days

Construction startsOnsite construction

Construction type and process

In the case of the Smoking Cube 2

In the case of the Smoking Hut stand

Temporary construction

Temporary construction

Foundation works

Earth works

Construction of aluminum framework
  • Loading, lifting
  • Installation
  • Anchor the foundation

    Adjust fittings

    Installation of options

One day
Construction of aluminum framework
  • Loading
  • Basic assembly
  • Anchor construction

One day

Steel reinforcement work

Formwork (shuttering)

Concrete work

Dismantle the formwork

Floor finishing

(Electrical work)

One day

Dismantle the temporary construction

Onsite construction period
minimum one days
Onsite construction period
minimum 15 days

The text inside the green boxes represent the scope of work in ecoms' construction contract.
At ecoms, we are able to undertake the construction of the aluminum frame and glass alone, if required.
* These construction costs are already included in the base prices of the products listed in the lineup (However, the order may be subject to a new estimate depending on the installation environment and conditions).

DeliveryMaintenance & Management


To use comfortably for a long time

Installation limitations and conditions
  • This product is designed for installation on the ground floor or at ground level.
    Please consult us prior to purchase if you wish to install on higher floors (second floor or higher) or on existing floor slabs.
  • Please install far from locations where falling snow might slide off the main building roof and damage the product.
  • Please choose products suited for each region. In particular, be sure to check snow cover conditions when selecting a product to install in a snowy area.
  • The product may not be installed in places with large height variations, such as on a cliff.
  • Please check the foundation conditions at the planned installation site.
  • Please ensure the foundation is larger than the company designated size.
  • Please consult us in advance if planning an installation in a cold area where there is risk of frost.
Notes regarding usage
  • After installation, please do not make unsolicited modifications. Also, do not make changes that can damage the pillars and beams.
  • Please insulate the aluminum material if it comes into contact with metals other than zinc or stainless steel.
  • Do not scratch off the anti-shatter film or damage with a sharp object.
  • Local impact at the small exposed sections of glass at the upper and lower ends can fracture the entire glass.
  • Please wipe off kerosene or gasoline immediately if they spill onto the glass.
Regarding maintenance
  • Please conduct annual inspections, check for looseness in the screws and bolts, and re-tighten.

Regarding aluminum care

Aluminum is relatively resistant to corrosion, but may corrode as a result of humidity and rain if it is left for a long time covered in sand, dust, salt, etc. Please ensure regular maintenance.

[Light dirt]

Please wipe down with a wet rag, then a dry towel.

[Heavy dirt]

Please use a wet rag to wipe off dust and sand, then a diluted neutral detergent to remove the heavy dirt. Wipe well so that no detergent remains. Then, please wipe off with a dry towel.

[Glass care]

The glass film deteriorates faster if you leave dust or dirt adhered to the surface. This can also degrade performance such as reflectivity. Please clean regularly to maintain film performance. Gently rinse with a rubber squeegee or a damp soft cloth. Please use a neutral detergent if there is heavy dust, and wipe the film surface in one direction only.

Common care rules

Please do not use brushes or abrasives as they may damage the surface coating and accelerate degradation.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning services are available. Please contact us for details.