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A reasonably-priced product and our most popular smoking booth type. An opening is located on the front wall, securing good lighting and air while maintaining an open feeling. The booth has high visibility of its surroundings, and expertly balances users' convenience and comfort.

Starting at ¥1,900,000 (plus tax)
Three-four people
Floor area
Width (W)3.0 m (* also available in 2.0 m or 4.0 m) Depth (D)2.0m Height (H)2.7m Ceiling height (CH)2.5m
Direction of Entrance
Main entrance [width 3.0m/inner width 2.96m]
Building Standards Law
[Standards] Snow cover100 cm (general area) Wind speed34m/s Roughness class
Basic Form
[Mat foundation] Base size2400 x 3400mm Base thickness200mm Concrete strengthgreater than 21 N/mm2 Bearing capacitygreater than 30 kN/m2
Accessory Equipment

* Prices include the product cost and onsite installation costs (excludes earthworks, foundation works, and electrical work cost).

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