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An open type where two openings are located in the front and back walls. The specifications are suited for smoking zones. By installing it in places where people meet and disperse, the smoking booths are effective in preventing pedestrian smokers and the littering of cigarette butts.

Starting at ¥2,300,000 (plus tax)
Three-four people
Floor area
Width (W)3.6m Depth (D)1.8m Height (H)2.6m Ceiling height (CH)2.4m
Direction of Entrance
Main entrance [width 3.6 m/inner width 3.34 m]
Building Standards Law
[Standards] Snow cover60cm Wind speed36m/s Roughness class
Basic Form
[Wall footing (two shorter sides)] Base width800mm Depth450mm Bearing capacitygreater than 30 kN/m2
Accessory Equipment

* Prices include the product cost and onsite installation costs (excludes earthworks, foundation works, and electrical work cost).

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