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A sealed type with a door to achieve complete isolation from smoke. Since the smoke is contained, the booth ensures the air outside remains clean, allowing non-smokers to spend their time comfortably. The product meets the requirements of the subsidy program offered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Starting at ¥2,850,000 (plus tax)
Three-four people
Floor area
Width (W) 3.0 m (* also available in 4.0 m) Depth (D)2.0m Height (H)2.65m Ceiling height (CH)2.55m
Direction of Entrance
Main entrance [width 1.0 m/inner width 0.82 m]
Building Standards Law
[Standards] Snow cover100 cm (general area) Wind speed38m/s Roughness class
Basic Form
[Mat foundation] Base width500mm Depth400mm Structural slab (center) thickness150mm Bearing capacitygreater than 30 kN/m2
Accessory Equipment
Ventilator (equipment only)

* Prices include the product cost and onsite installation costs (excludes earthworks, foundation works, and electrical work cost).

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