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The component structure of the HUT type has been reconfigured to achieve even more reasonable pricing. Despite its low cost, its safety functionality is compliant with the Building Standards Act, so you can use it without worry even during typhoons and other severe weather conditions.

Material cost only ¥650,000 (plus tax)
With installation cost ¥900,000 (plus tax)
Around 5
Floor area
Width (W)3.0m Depth (D)2.0m Height (H)2.6m Ceiling height (CH)2.4m
Direction of Entrance
Main entrance [Width 2.94m/Depth 1.96m]
Building Standards Law
[Standards] Snow cover99cm(general area) Wind speed34m/s Roughness class
Basic Form
[Mat foundation] Base size2400×3400mm Base thickness200mm Concrete strengthgreater than 21N/mm² Bearing capacitygreater than 30kN/m²
Float glass
Accessory Equipment

* Prices include the product cost and onsite installation costs (excludes earthworks, foundation works, and electrical work cost).

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