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In collaboration with product designer Naoto Fukasawa, this " Alexis Smoking Booth " was created as an initiative to solve the social problems of smoking and non-smoking separation. The product achieves the designer's intended concept: "creating a space with clean air using the simplest possible design."

¥4,000,000 (plus tax)
Four people(Assuming simultaneous use)
Floor area
Width (W)4.0m(* also available in 2.0m and 3.0m) Depth (D)2.3m Height (H)2.7m Ceiling height (CH)2.3m
Direction of Entrance
Front (effective entrance width: 1.0 meters)
Building Standards Law
[Standards] Snow cover99cm(general area) Wind speed38m/s Roughness class
Basic Form
[Mat foundation] Concrete Strengthgreater than 21N/mm² Bearing capacitygreater than 30kN/m²
Reinforced glass
Accessory Equipment
Sign (cutting sheet)
Semi-automatic door
Fan x 1
LED overhead lighting (separate fee for on-site installation)
Waterproof ceiling sheet (outdoor installation)
Inspection access point

* Listed price is for product purchase only.

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