minimal space, t2

minimal space, t2

t2Temporary Shop
Installation report vol. 01

August 4 (Sun) - September 3 (Sun), 2017
"The Book & Film Bar" at Ebisu Garden Place: Event Report

Key Points

Low-cost pop-up shop
Quick installation, quick removal!

The t2 shops are special pop-up booths that can be used for single-day events or longer.
Anyone can install and open an event booth easily and swiftly without requiring specialized knowledge.

ecoms Design Development Coordinator,

ecoms Design Development Coordinator

SUS Corporation Yasushi Ohtsuka

Involved in architecture-related development since joining the company in 2006.
Committed to the development of t2 for six years since 2011.

1No paperwork required

No need to file an application for construction confirmation.

This t2 structure comes equipped with wheels and is not considered a building structure. Thus complex procedures can be omitted such as application for construction confirmation.
* Some areas are excluded.

Yasushi Ohtsuka

2Customizable applications and layouts

Even the positions of the windows and doors can be customized.

t2 sizes are available in 2-6 m sizes, in increments of 1m. The booth can be customized with varying equipment options or finishing material.

3Easy installation and transport

The wheels allow the booth to be moved.

The booth is transported from the factory by truck.
After the booth is unloaded with a crane, it can be transported easily by four adults.

Compact storage, easy maintenance

Storage space can be conserved as the booth can be dismantled into panels.

Assembly and disassembly is easy as the booth is joined with bolts and nuts.The booth can be stored using minimal space as it can be dismantled into panels.

With regular maintenance, the booth can be used for 30 years or more.

Aluminum is characterized by superior weather resistance.The booth can be used in coastal areas as it has strong resistance to saline damage. With regular washing, the booth can be used for over 30 years.

Video of installation

The t2 temporary shop is assembled at the factory, so it only requires installation after transportation by truck.
The video shows the booth installation from assembly to load-in, and the load-out process after an event.

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