Product Lineup

Simple & Minimalist

In residences, offices, or stores, ecoms' aluminum furniture series fits every ambience regardless of location.

Grid Shelf

An aluminum unit shelf with a beautiful cross-sectional shape.
Reassemble at will, with a shelf board thickness of just 1 cm. A delicate product that is exceedingly strong.

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Y Table

A thick glass top with aluminum legs.
A table that cuts down to bare essentials in pursuit of a minimalist aesthetic, allowing the material quality to take center stage.

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System Shelf
In development

A hybrid wood-aluminum storage shelf
The light and airy effect created by the wooden shelves and aluminum side panels adds a design accent to the room.

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  • "G-Fun": aluminum assembled furniture designed for adults

    The classic chair highly regarded by insiders. We tried to reproduce this masterpiece using the "GF" aluminum pipe structural material.

  • "meeting system": an ecoms conference system

    We combine various ecoms furniture to provide an optimal meeting space.